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My life long interest in psychology has driven me to create dances that excavate the complexities and paradoxes of humans as social beings.  Being a part of the third generation in a lineage of eccentric artists and groundbreaking psychologists, my creativity and interpersonal awareness have been marinating for as long as I have been conscious.  Drawing from my experience and study of the knotted and interwoven social layer of our world, I have bordered spaces with old toys, broken cell phones, and crumpled paper in a commentary on consumerism and have erected geometric steel sculptural cages in a piece about physical and psychological prisons. 


I am interested in creating imagery that is both visually and mentally stimulating, providing layers of depth for viewers to delve into if they so choose.  My time living and performing in Israel invoked a sense of emotional urgency into my work, inspiring commentary on the ferocity of human nature and encouraging me to pose socially oriented questions. 


As a choreographer and filmmaker, I am interested in every sense of the word movement.  What moves people to exercise violence or to feel love, take action or to conform, to allow vulnerability or to put up boundaries?  Tiny gestures evoking deep loss juxtaposed by limbs sweeping through space can move an audience member or a performer to feel, remember, or question. 

-Sophia Stoller, Artistic Director of Iris Company






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