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"Breathtaking" -No Proscenium

"Breathtaking" -No Proscenium

"Thought provoking" -Spot LA

"Captivated our minds and souls" -Hollywood Close-Up

"The essence of what art can do in our world" -Judith Light (actress)

photo: Alfredo Montes

The Other Side, the debut performance of Iris Company, is a dance theater performance that blends psychological research and political commentary into a fully immersive artistic experience. The performance invites you into an unconventional laboratory where you have the opportunity to wander through and witness a social experiment in action. This story, told through dance, theater, and video, is based on actual social science experiments that took place in the 60s and 70s. The Other Side had its world premier in May 2017, with a sold out run at Gramercy Studios. 















Direction, Choreography & Concept by:

Sophia Stoller

Created in collaboration with & performed by: 

Bryanna Brock, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Hyosun Choi, Samad Raheem Guerra, Amanda MacLeod, Cynn Marie, Joan Holly Padeo, Shane Raiford, & Jamal Wade

Consulting Director: Jamie Peterson

Music/Sound Design: J.C. Scheid

Video Design: Keith Skretch & Peter Amodeo Gould

Scenic Design: Mark Kanieff

Lighting Design: Chu-Hsuan Chang

Costume Design: Lena Sands

Experiment Leaders (actors):

Brian Carbine, Robert DesiderioMauricio GomezJenny Greer

Stage Manager/Technical Director: Dan McNamara

Graphic Designer: Roger W Stoller

Story Development: 

Naomi Stoller, Keith Skretch, Eve Stoller, Jamie Peterson

photos: Christopher Chavez, John Sisley, Alfredo Montes

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