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Sophia is currently a full-time dance faculty member and choreographer at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences. She teaches K-12 in the Dance Department and choreographs musicals in the Upper School Theater Conservatory.


She has previously taught at California School of the Arts - San Gabriel Valley, The Gabriella Foundation's Everybody Dance program, Gabriella Charter School, CMDC, Scripps College (guest teacher), California Institute of the Arts, and YWCA Santa Monica/Westside.


Photo: Becca Green

Contemporary Technique Class Description

Sophia's Contemporary and Modern technique classes combine principles from release technique, yoga, and Pilates, with a focus on the body’s relationship to gravity and space.  Dancers will develop their ability to ride momentum in movement, move smoothly in and out of the floor, move on and off vertical, and move expansively with an understanding of whole body connectivity.  Her classes encourage dancers to find efficiency in movement, initiate movement from the bones while letting go of superficial musculature and build an understanding of alignment. Creativity, exploration and inquiry are encouraged.

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