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     a Dance Workshop with Iris Company

One full day of rigorous dance training, creative exploration, and company rep taught by Company Members Casey Gonzalez, Carissa Songhorian, Bryanna Brock, Joan Holly Padeo, and Artistic Director Sophia Stoller!

Early Bird Rates available until October 14th. 

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Class Schedule


With Casey Gonzalez 

Originally named “Yoga for Dancers,” Gyrokinesis®

is a full body movement modality focusing on

balancing the body through expansion. “Creating functional

strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences”

( a dancers coordination, range of motion, body awareness and concentration are all challenged

enhancing their understanding of movement and energy.



With Carissa Songhorian

Focusing on ballet technique and terminology, dancers will build an understanding of body alignment, the execution of exercises, individualism within movement quality, and the role that ballet plays in current popular dance forms. 

12:45 - 1:15


1:15 - 2:15


With Sophia Stoller

Sophia's Contemporary technique class combines principles from release technique, yoga, and Pilates, with a focus on the body’s relationship to gravity and space. Her classes encourage dancers to find efficiency in movement, initiate movement from the bones while letting go of superficial musculature and build an understanding of alignment. Creativity, exploration and inquiry are encouraged.

2:15 - 3:15
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Company Repertoire

With Sophia Stoller

In this class, dancers will have the opportunity to learn Iris Company repertoire that has been danced by the company onstage and in immersive environments. In addition to learning the physical movement, we will explore the intention behind the piece and qualities of performance, storytelling, and emotion that are foundational to the work. 

3:15 - 3:25


3:25 - 4:25
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With Bryanna Brock

Come step outside of the norm. Let your body take over as you explore new pathways, new decision making practices, and a connection to your community. Stand Still. Listen. Feel.

In this improvisation class we will hone in on our listening skills as we learn to listen to our body, listen to the space, and listen to our peers. Everything we hear will challenge and inform our intentions as we explore space, time, and energy through movement.

4:25 - 5:25
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C. I. Training™

With Joan Holly Padeo

C-I Training™ (Conditioning-with-Imagery) is a body conditioning system made for dancers that addresses muscle imbalances, efficient patterning, and helps prevent injury by promoting correct alignment. Since we are ending our day with C-I, for restorative purposes Joan will take a meditative approach, combining conditioning with long, breath-filled periods of both assisted and unassisted stretches.

Planning for the Day

It is highly recommended to pre-register online prior to the workshop. We will only be accepting Cash and Venmo on the day of the workshop. Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early if you are registering in person. A parent/guardian must be present to register with minors and sign the waiver.

What to Bring


The address to IAF will direct you to Farmdale Ave, but the entrance to the studio is through the parking lot in the back of the building. For drop off, when you arrive on Farmdale Ave, turn left on Hart St. and make a left into the parking lot. Street parking is available on on Farmdale Ave. and Hart St.

-Water bottle

-Lunch and healthy snacks There are no stores or restaurants nearby to buy food, so all dancers should bring a nutritious lunch and snacks with them. We will all enjoy lunch together in the studio.

-Signed liability waiver This will be emailed to you after you register. You can email your signed waiver ahead of time or bring it with you the day of the workshop. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT SUBMITTING A SIGNED WAIVER.

-Cash/Venmo if you are planning to register in person. We will also have brand new Iris Company merch for sale!

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