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God and His Gun (Malynda Hale Music Video featuring Iris Company), 2022

Nominated for Video of the Year at the 2022 Josie Awards

Directed by Michael Schwartz

Produced by Boat Ashore Productions and JMV Entertainment

Performed by Malynda Hale

Written by Malynda Hale and Ian Felchlin

Produced by Komica Purnell

Shot by Nathan Kim

Choreographed by Sophia Stoller 

Edited by Peter Amodeo Gould


Featuring Iris Company

Cody Brunelle-Potter

Jamal Wade

Joan Fricke

Mallory Fabian

Screaming Shapes (Film), 2019-2020

After screening across the country in the festival circuit, concluding with Dance Camera West in our own city of Los Angeles, we are excited to release this film online. Screaming Shapes was originally developed as a stage piece in collaboration with composer Peter S. Shin, an exploration of music and movement existing as one entity. In 2018, we turned the piece into a film, in collaboration with Amodeo Creative.

Director: Sophia Stoller 

Choreography: Sophia Stoller and the Dancers

Director of Photography: Peter Amodeo Gould

Editors: Peter Amodeo Gould & Sophia Stoller
Performers: Bryanna Brock, Hyosun Choi, Cat Cogliandro, Casey Gonzalez, Kristen Holleyman, Amanda MacLeod, Joan H. Padeo, Shane Raiford, Jamal Wade

Composer: Peter S. Shin

Music Performance: Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra

Musicians: Mehrdad Gholami, Benjamin Mitchell, Benjamin Hoffman, Clement Chow

Costumes: Amanda MacLeod, Cody Brunelle-Potter

Production Assistants: Jessica Salans, Stacy Gaspard

Breath + Body Teaser, 2019

A collaboration between C3LA: Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles and Iris Company.

Choreography: Sophia Stoller with Cody Brunelle-Potter, Bryanna Brock, Casey Gonzalez, Joan H. Padeo, Carissa Songhorian
Performers: Paige Amicon, Bryanna Brock, Hyosun Choi, Casey Gonzalez, Joan H. Padeo, Shane Raiford, Madison Shelpuk, Carissa Songhorian, Jamal Wade

Music: Marcus Carline, Drew Corey, Saunder Choi, Lucy McKnight, Jaco Wong

Music performed by: C3LA

Lighting: R.S. Buck

Cinematography: Peter Amodeo Gould

Video Editing: Sophia Stoller & Peter Amodeo Gould

Coexist, Los Angeles Dance Festival 2019

Choreography: Sophia Stoller
Performers: Bryanna Brock, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Hyosun Choi, Shane Raiford, Carissa Songhorian, Jamal Wade

Music: "Seaborne (Entrée)", "Drifted", "Limbic", "Braid of Light", "Afterimage (Coda)"
Courtesy of Overcoast Music & Sound
Original music by Child Actor
Written and performed by Max Heath and Natalie Plaza
Produced by Travis Tucker
Lighting: Josephine Wang

Based on a a duet created for film under the direction of Jamie Peterson.

Iris Company Reel​, 2017-2018

Choreography: Sophia Stoller
Performers: Bryanna Brock, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Hyosun Choi, Cat Cogliandro, Alexey Dmitrenko,

Casey Gonzalez, Samad Raheem Guerra, Joan Holly, Kristen Holleyman, Kadek Ika, Kayla Johnson, Amanda MacLeod, Cynn Marie, Shane Raiford, Jamal Wade

Cinematography: Peter Amodeo Gould

Video Editing: Sophia Stoller

BOUQUET (teaser), 2017

Choreography: Sophia Stoller, Bryanna Brock, Hyosun Choi, Cody Potter
Music: Drew Corey, Sean Hayward, Kim Townsend Justin Scheid
Performers: Bryanna Brock, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Hyosun Choi, Casey Gonzalez, Amanda MacLeod, Joan Holly Padeo, Shane Raiford, Jamal Wade
Lighting: Darius Gangei

Cinematography: Peter Amodeo Gould

Video Editing: Sophia Stoller

Screaming Shapes, 2017-2018

Los Angeles Dance Festival 

Choreography: Sophia Stoller

Music: Peter S. Shin

Performers: Bryanna Brock, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Hyosun Choi, Casey Gonzalez, Amanda MacLeod, Shane Raiford, Jamal Wade

Siren, 2015


With the differing facets of an individual character performed by more than one person, his internal struggles become an external dance between the conscious and the subconscious mind… all the while being lured toward something irresistible.


Choreography: Sophia Stoller

Music: Justin Scheid

Lighting Design: Aron Altmark

Costumes: Yonit Olshan

Performers: Rebecca Green, Yvonne Lacombe, Dina Lasso, Tariq Mitri, Andrew Pearson

Lock & Key Excerpt, 2015                                                                                                      

MFA Thesis created at CalArts


Lock & Key is a multimedia dance performance exploring the multi-layered theme of cages. Trapped in a space together by an unseen external force, six individuals are forced to interact with one another, causing power struggles to break out and alliances to form.  As tensions build and power dynamics intensify, a question begins to unfold: “Who holds the keys?”


Choreography/Direction: Sophia Stoller
Music: Justin Scheid
Video: Jesse Garrison
Lighting: Aron Altmark
Set: Stevie Nemazee
Costumes: Christine Bald
Technical Director: Jon Stoner
Stage Manager: Rita Santos
Performers: Brance William Souza, Elizabeth Houlton, Jake Harkey, Jenna Eady, Manuel Meza, Tariq Mitri



Illuminations, 2014


With projection onto bodies and screens and use of shadow play, Illuminations explores the many layers of self that can be both visible and invisible in an individual.


Choreography: Sophia Stoller

Music: Jeronimo Rajchenberg

Video Design: Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh

Lighting Design: Darius Gangei & Lauren Sego

Performers: Elizabeth Houlton, Isa Musni, & Tariq Mitri

Chrysalis Promo, 2013


Chrysalis is an evening length interactive dance theater performance exploring the theme of being on the brink.  This is a collaborative piece choreographed by Soul Lab Dance Project, seamlessly weaving dance, spoken word, singing, and interaction with the audience.


Choreography and performance: Alli Gray, Marina Magalhaes, Kristin Killacky, Lauren Gould, Sophia Stoller



Cinematography: Jourdan Biziou and Marcelino Newquist

Video Editing: Sophia Stoller


Liminality, 2013


A work investigating the uncertainty and questioning that takes place during a transition.


Chreography: Sophia Stoller

Music Edit: Sophia Stoller

Lighting: Dan Norman

Performed by: Amy Chihara, Cailtin Adams, Kayla Johnson, Mallory Fabian, Rebecca Green



Elegant Decay, 2016

Shot at Maison Vitry, Treme, New Orleans, La

Editors: Sophia Stoller, Peter Amodeo Gould

Performance Director: Michael Schwartz
Cinematography: Peter Amodeo Gould

Performers: Lexie Papedo Gasparini, Lauren Gould, Jena McRae, Michael Schwartz, Emma Rose Shelton, Sophia Stoller

Set Design: Will Germain

Sound Design: Sophia Stoller, Peter Amodeo Gould

Music: waelandanna




Excess Nothing (film),  2014

Created at CalArts


Direction and Choreography: Sophia Stoller
Cinematography: Peter Gould

Editor: Sophia Stoller
Performers: Jenna Eady, Elizabeth Houlton, Kelsey Lanceta, Dina Lasso, Brance Souza


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