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Lock & Key 


"Sophia Stoller's Lock and Key is a visual feast."  -LA Dance Review


Lock & Key is a multimedia dance performance exploring the multi-layered theme of cages. Trapped in a space together by an unseen external force, six individuals are forced to interact with one another, causing power struggles to break out and alliances to form.  As tensions build and power dynamics intensify, a question begins to unfold: “Who holds the keys?”


Choreography/Direction: Sophia Stoller
Music: Justin Scheid
Video: Jesse Garrison
Lighting: Aron Altmark
Set: Stevie Nemazee
Costumes: Christine Bald
Technical Director: Jon Stoner
Stage Manager: Rita Santos

Performers: Brance William Souza, Elizabeth Houlton, Jake Harkey, Jenna Eady, Manuel Meza, Tariq Mitri






Year of production: 2015. Running Time: 40 min

Sharon Disney Lund Theater

MFA Thesis created at CalArts


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